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Over 65? Tips for Hospitalization

Over 65? Tips for Hospitalization

Anyone over 60 who has been hospitalized knows that the days of being a trusting patient were over with the movie THE HOSPITAL! For many, the hospital experience is filled with fear, confusion and frustration. Care is fragmented among multiple health care personnel. Many people sent home before they are ready with insufficient instruction about handling their own care. Not surprisingly, these problems often lead to more hospital readmissions.

A group of volunteer healthcare industry professionals, Tri-County Community Care Coalition (TC4), wants to help people in our community avoid hospital readmissions. Last Thursday, 1/19/17 Devon and I went to Pickering Manor in Newtown, PA to hear TC4’s seminar about how hospital patients can plan for the best outcome by following some simple guidelines. Jennifer Guglielmi of At Home Rehab and Carolyn Hann Project Coordinator at Quality Insights PA presented what to expect when going to the hospital, tips and on preparing for hospitalization and what you need in place when leaving. Below are their recommendations:

  • Identify someone who can advocate for you. Usually a friend or a relative who can talk with your doctors and ask questions about your condition. Put a card in your wallet labeled ICE (in case of emergency) with their contact information so hospital staff know who to reach out to if you end up in the ER.
  • Keep an up-to-date list of medications and medical conditions in your wallet.
  • Are you under “observation” or an “inpatient”? This is important because your status impacts what you pay out-of-pocket. Hospitals are admitting people on an observation status and when this happens Medicare does not pay for room and board and you will responsible for paying this and possibly other charges.
  • Know that hospital staff will ask about your “Advanced Care Directives” or Living Will. They want to know what type of care you want if you cannot speak for yourself.

As you prepare to be discharged make sure you:

  • Understand discharge instructions and know the red flag symptoms of your health condition so you know when to call your doctor for help.
  • Know what changes have been made to your medications and why.
  • Make appointments and follow up with your physician or specialist within 2 to 3 days of discharge.
  • Bring an updated medication list with you to your physician or specialist appointment.

Stay tuned — TC4 is only a year old and the community can expect more educational seminars. Like Tri-County Community Care Coalition (TC4) on FaceBook to find out what they are offering.

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