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Undiagnosed Dementia: Listen & Learn

Undiagnosed Dementia: Listen & Learn

Everywhere there are people with undiagnosed dementia. You bump into someone and sense something is off OR maybe you’ve seen small signs in your partner or a friend over the last few years but he/she deflects your concerns. Take time to get educated so you know how to get help and what’s coming — it’s a start. Listen to Tam Cummings and she will help you begin to understand what’s going on with this life-crumbling disease.

Because of our business Devon and I inhabit a world of dementia; for us it’s clinical however it is disheartening and emotionally draining for families who live with loved ones with cognitive decline. 1 out of 10 caregivers die before the person for whom they are caregiving dies… dementia is bad for EVERYONE’S health and it’s estimated that 15 million + Americans care for people with dementia. This number does not include people who are undiagnosed. There was a UK government report in 2011 that 6 out of 10 people with dementia go undiagnosed which means that there are probably MILLIONS of us impacted by undiagnosed dementia NOT eccentric behaviors.

Last night Devon and I listened to Tam Cummings talk to 40+ family caregivers about how to help people affected by dementia. We’ve heard family caregivers, scientists, neurologists, gerontologists, and academics talk about dementia but this woman was the best at connecting with family caregivers and demystifying dementia. Take time and listen. Tam is interactive and very much a “Texas” personality a la Ann Richards. Most important is that she puts dementia information into an easily digestible story.

Look here for an older series of videos broken out by topics:

Part 1: Types of dementia and their characteristics

Part 2: Other types of dementia

Part 3: Parts of the brain and how it functions

Part 4: Parts of the brain and behaviors

Part 5: Stages of progression of dementia

Part 6: Brain scans, diagnosis

Look at this PDF to evaluate someone for dementia – it is called a “dementia behavior assessment tool.” Usually people are not diagnosed until stage 5 because they refused to go to the doctor until they become so incapacitated it could not longer be ignored.

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