Mom Needs 24/7 Supervision – What’s Next?

Mom Needs 24/7 Supervision – What’s Next?

The social worker at the rehab tells you Mom needs 24/7 supervision — what does that mean to your mom and you? She can no longer live independently — who will take care of mom and where? You’ve seen it coming and discussed it with her and your siblings but now there is no choice. Mom can’t live alone. If she wants to move to a retirement community – do it now because bringing her home will remind her about how great home is and it’s likely she won’t move until the next hospitalization happens!

If mom and the family agree that she should stay home — do you want to provide the care yourself? If so, make sure you have lots of family and are prepared for a marathon not a sprint. You may want to talk with a geriatric care manager who will help you sort through medical, financial, and legal matters as well as determine the best living options for mom.   In the meantime, you need to hire professional caregivers; do you hire 24/7 hourly care or Live-In care?

Hourly care provides your mom with attention around the clock; a caregiver is available to give her the help she needs anytime of the day or night because caregivers rotate every 8 or 12 hours so there is no need for sleep or downtime. Live-In care provides consistent care from one caregiver through out the day and night, which allows mom to build a relationship of trust and her live-in caregiver.

Hourly or Live-In? How intense are your mom’s care needs, both emotional and physical?

 Does mom get up at night more than once or twice? Yes: Hourly No: Live-In

Live-In caregivers are required to get 8 hours of sleep, 5 hours consecutively . Hourly caregivers provide attention throughout their shift with no need for sleep or downtime.


 Is mom anxious or impulsive? Does she have cognitive decline expressed in poor judgment? Yes: Hourly No: Live-In

Live-In caregivers can’t always be at mom’s side 24/7. Their job is to provide “oversight” and get 8 hours sleep and 8 hours work spread across your mom’s awake time with breaks for meals. Hourly caregivers can always be at mom’s side and provide attention throughout their shift.

Is mom at a high risk for falls? Yes: Hourly No: Live-In

See Above See Above

Was mom just discharged from the hospital and needs constant monitoring? Yes: Hourly No: Live-In

Sometimes the decision between hourly care and live-in care is not straightforward. Give us a call and fill us in on mom’s specific needs and care priorities both emotional and physical and we will work with you on an assessment that helps assure your mom gets the quality care she deserves.


And in closing!!! Call us at A WAY TO STAY Home Care. We happy to talk about your home care needs and point you in the right direction if we can’t help. A WAY TO STAY is a home care agency providing In-Home Care in Yardley – Newtown. We are Live-In Care Specialists.

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