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Dana and Devon Ainsworth Owners/CNAs/Sisters

Dana and Devon Ainsworth Owners/CNAs/Sisters

Welcome to A Way to Stay!

We started this agency with a passionate commitment to older adults at the end of their lives.  We have our CNAs so we know what good care is, and since 2009 our team has taken care of many people. The emotional richness of our work, its spiritual service to our clients, our families, our employees and the sheer breadth of community connection are the reasons we love what we do.

We learned a lot but our deepest learning surrounds how to deliver superior care to clients, in their homes, for many hours daily, and ongoing for months and years.…

First, no one person does a case alone – it takes a team to deliver consistent quality care, and second, the quality care the team provides is physical and emotional.

Our drive to deliver quality care requires that our standards go above and beyond what is dictated by our licensure.  That’s the backbone of what we do here, we arrive at the office every morning prepared to do our best for each client and go the extra mile in all areas of our agency… like paying our aides to arrive early, or making sure each case is covered even when emergencies happen, or jumping in and ordering medical equipment when the family can’t do it. The list changes daily as our agency evolves.

All of us at A WAY TO STAY do this work because it gives us personal satisfaction and is based on our respect for our elders and compassion for them and their families.  Our caregivers have built skills over years of providing care and remain in this profession because they feel good about doing good.

 Above all, everyone here is committed to providing our clients with quality care. Our nurse is a valuable resource for our clients, their families and our staff. She supervises client care and trains caregivers on care skills for specific client issues. We hire caregivers who are focused on giving quality care.  Our rigorous screening process helps us hire trustworthy and accountable employees who are capable of being part of a team. A good team has a greater collective emotional IQ and that translates into quality care for our clients.

 We specialize in Live-In, 24-hour and Overnight care.  Longer hours ensure the same aides giving care instead of a revolving door of aides. This creates a stable team for client and caregivers. This consistency allows our caregiver and office team to develop a relationship with the client and the family based on communication and empathy ensuring that previously unnoticed status changes that sent the client to the hospital are seen and acted upon.

If the time has come for an increase or a change in care for someone in your life, we’re here to help you through the process and create a plan that works for you. We are available at 215-321-5100 for a conversation to determine the best type and level of care for your situation, and to help decide if A WAY TO STAY Home Care is the right fit for you and your family.

Dana & Devon

Our drive to provide quality care for clients uses standards that go beyond what is required by licensure.



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