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Dear Dana and Devon,

I’m thankful the social worker at Mom’s rehab recommended live-in care with A Way to Stay. Last time mom fell we used hourly care and she found all the aides too discombobulating!

Jen told me that you specialize in Live-In care so when I called you educated me about its “in’s and out’s”… you also listened attentively to my descriptions of all things Mom. Between us it became clear that Live-In care might be just what Mom needed to return to her apartment after her most recent fall.

Your live-in caregiver was there to make sure mom got back on track without being in her way. Allowing her to be as independent as she could while making sure:
• mom used her walker,
• she got to dinner even though she could not get there and back under her own steam,
• ate although she didn’t feel like making breakfast or lunch,
• took her meds,
• washed up and dressed appropriately
• did her exercises and continued to socialize!

Having your caregiver allowed Mom to gain confidence and stay in her beloved apartment. Live-in care got mom back on track.

Anita M. Pipersville, PA

Reference for “A Way to Stay”

As bookkeeper for a family that used the services of “A Way to Stay” I worked very closely with the case managers and the assigned care givers. I was impressed from beginning to end with the professionalism, attention to detail and most especially the care that was given to my client.
I have worked for the family for 32 years and was very protective of the care that was given to my 98 year old client. He was able to remain in his home, which was always his wish. He was carefully cared for with dignity, respect and safety by the caregivers.
The agency “A Way to Stay” has knowledgeable owners/employees and only deals with well screened sub-contractors if needed. They carefully hire and monitor anyone involved with the case.

I would highly recommend this wonderful agency.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita M. Savoy

Reference for A Way to Stay

There is a caring and compassionate organization that can really help provide care needs for your parents or loved ones when the level of help is such that you can’t provide. Further, decision-making that entails navigating an elderly care ‘system’ with hospitals, rehabs, personal care, nursing homes, doctors and nurses, and social workers is a very large challenge. I am not a health care provider and need the right level of advice for the situation that can change daily. Of all the people who cared for mom, A Way to Stay’s staff provided the most dedicated, timely and loving care that was needed. They weren’t just concerned about mom, they also asked about dad myself, as well as the rest of our family. Getting to a caring and stable environment for both mom and dad required constant focus and communication with health care providers. A Way to Stay knew this and along with providing compassionate and expert care, they also provided consultation, assistance, and recommendations at that time. Mom’s situation required me to step in and make decisions for her. Their ability to evaluate the current situation and recommend an immediate course of action was key in getting through mom’s post hospital temporary care and placing her into the right facility.

This fall, mom’s anxiety, blindness, and beginnings of Alzheimer’s manifested themselves into a need for care that dad was unable to provide at home. Dad’s health has been declining and required visits to the hospital every few months or so. When dad fell and could not get up, he had to call for an ambulance. I received a call about it and needed to stay with mom until dad got home. This was an eye opener as to the level of care mom needs.

Her short-term memory was failing and she needed answers to questions every few minutes – the same ones over and over. Without someone to answer these questions her anxiety would increase. She was hospitalized in October with an infection – something that was apparently ignored. After rehab, mom and dad entered Assisted Living where the care level was increased for mom. Though in Assisted Living, dad was struggling to cope as the level of care needed was increasing. None of us knew how to deal with this complex situation and it was a daily struggle for them both. The infection soon returned and over the holidays she was again hospitalized. A recommendation for the level of care needed was received and we looked for a place that provided a more personal level. Someone blind, with dementia and inability to control anxiety has a need for care that can be provided through more dedicated and trained caregivers.

After the hospital a temporary facility stay was needed and though they provided safe dementia care, their staffing level would not help with the care needed to address mom’s anxiety. Assisted Living recommended A Way to Stay to help deal with the anxiety during this period. A Way to Stay provided a constant level of expert personal care for 12 hours a day. This was important to my dad and family as someone was with her to talk, answer questions, provide personal care, and keep mom’s anxiety from overwhelming the situation.
When the time arrived to transport mom to the dementia care facility, her anxiety again increased and it made for a difficult transition. A Way to Stay accompanied mom as someone she knew. This became the 7th place for mom in a few months, after being in the same home for almost 60 years. While the transition to it was not easy, A Way to Stay understood and provided the care for mom that you don’t get with ambulance transportation.

As we look back on this situation, if we had known about A Way to Stay we would have contacted them months ago for care in the home. Today I recommend them to others.

My parents’ neighbor is still in his home at age 99. I recently saw them and discussed A Way to Stay with them. They indicated that he will not willingly enter a facility and yet the level of care needed is increasing.

Not knowing where our situations in life will take us and as baby boomers who have had professional jobs over the years, we are facing new challenges to care for our parents. None of my experience lends itself towards providing this care – if I did have the time to give it. Knowing that this organization is there to help is very comforting and they can help with your elderly care health planning.

Name Available on Request, Yardley, PA

Dear Dana & Devon,

We wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for the care that you have provided Dad for the last 20 months during his fight with Parkinson’s and dementia. Our desire was to keep him at home as long as possible and you were able to deliver not only with his live-in caregiver, but with relief for her when needed. Your personal attention to finding the right personality match was evident. Your personal caring during times of anxiety and your ability to help both Dad and us was priceless.

Please accept our THANK YOU for a job well done and for a smooth transition.

Wally’s daughters – Sue Ann, Jane and Mary
Chalfont, PA

I have one regret regarding working with A WAY TO STAY and that is that I didn’t find them sooner! Devon and her staff were so great at working with my mother who has Alzheimer’s that I would definitely have hired them to help my father when he was caring for my mother at home for several years. As it was, my father finally moved with my mother into Assisted Living. But even there, my father was struggling to deal with my mom and she was agitated and difficult when he would leave the facility. My mom is a darling, but is high-energy and high-anxiety (and always has been) and wasn’t doing so well as her cognitive ability declined, something she didn’t understand was even happening.

Thankfully, the Assisted Living facility (struggling to deal with my mom) recommended that I call A WAY TO STAY and get a companion for my mom’s most difficult time of day. Well, Devon responded immediately, met with my parents, and when she reported to me I felt that she immediately “got” them and their situation and also appreciated them. Both of my parents were immediately comfortable with Devon and she and her various employees were great at calming and helping my mother. This was especially helpful when my mother moved, without my dad, into a locked Memory Care section. Devon or one of her companions stayed with my mom anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day, redirecting her from her efforts to leave and keeping her healthy by reminding her to drink and to manage her urostomy. I learned a lot from talking with Devon and every time that I saw Devon or her staff with my mother I felt reassured about my mother’s well-being.

A huge unanticipated benefit to having Devon in our lives during this painful time was how she was able to talk with my dad, extending sympathetic understanding to him and helping him to change how he talked to my mother. He had been unable to do anything but give his wife of over 60 years “the truth” and to attempt to reason with her. This led to the same discussions over and over and to my mother being very angry. Though my siblings and I had tried without success, Devon was able to get my father to start avoiding harsh truths that upset my mother (and that she forgot in a short time) and to use ‘therapeutic lies’ to keep my mom more ‘in the moment’ and not focused on what was missing from her life. Their interactions, though less ‘accurate’ are now positive and affectionate.

Devon radiates intelligence and caring and provided invaluable service and comfort to my family.

Christine Hepburn, Yardley PA

I highly recommend A WAY TO STAY for your in-home health care needs. They provided experienced, reliable, and compassionate caregivers for my father, who suffered from dementia. He grew to love and trust his primary aides, and was happy and peaceful until he died, which was very important to me.

Devon and Dana also provided valuable guidance on how to make my father more comfortable, and they were very approachable whenever I had questions or concerns.

This is truly a quality agency, and you won’t regret choosing them.

Ms, Langhorne PA

Dear Devon, and all the caring women who helped my Dad.

Thank you for all your support, and for the nurturing and companionship you provided my Dad in his final months. It meant a lot to me, and my siblings, and to his grandchildren. Thank you also for your generous contribution to the Alzheimer’s Association in his memory.

May you all be blessed with good health and good friends throughout your lives. You have my great respect for all you do.

Best Regards,
LG, Enola, PA

Dear Devon,

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and that of my family for the the caring professional services provided by you and your staff during the recent sickness and death of my wife. She required round the clock care which your staff was able to assist our family in these sensitive and stressful times. Our particular gratitude is for the warm attention and helping hands given by June who patiently attended the needs of my wife and provided comfort and security to our family. While my wife will be sadly missed, we appreciate the opportunity to give her the personal attention and care she received in your hands.

Please accept our family’s kindest regards and thanks for a fine job well done.

Sincerely yours,
The C Family Newtown, PA

Hi Devon:

My heartfelt thanks to both Devon and Merly from A Way to Stay for making the process of finding care for my mother so easy. First to Devon, for responding to our need so rapidly. I called several agencies and conveyed that I was in immediate need of a caregiver and only A Way to Stay came through for me. Other agencies were either unavailable to meet with me or got into so many financial details over the phone that I could not even consider hiring them. Devon was incredibly warm and understanding during the difficult time of my dad going into hospice. She was both professional and caring while working out the details of working with her agency. Second to Merly, an incredible caregiver who was there every step of the way for my mom, taking over during the ridiculously stressful passing of her husband of over 60 years. Merly stepped in providing thoughtful, competent care that actually improved my mother’s health over the 6 months she was with her. She doggedly monitored her fluid intake,and ensured that her diet was not entirely of sweets. I can’t say enough good things about Merly. As Dr. Goswami frequently said during mom’s doctor visits, “I want Merly to care for me when I need someone.” I think we’d all like a ‘Merly.’ Many thanks.

J.V.W., PA

Dear Devon and Dana,

I want to send personal thanks on behalf of the family for the 6 months of daily live-in services you helped provide for my father while he was recovering from a stroke.

A Way to Stay came highly recommended through a personal connection, and the family immediately felt comfortable, starting with the first phone call we made seeking information. Despite the stress we felt at the time, your sense of humor and love combined to make a successful placement and the “fill-ins” (when the primary caretaker needed time off) were equally suited. We were never without happy and capable caregivers thanks to your seamless arrangements. It was also nice to know that you made personal spontaneous visits to verify all was going as expected.

The only reason we discontinued your services was because of my father’s level of recuperation, thanks to the tender, personal care he received.

We consider you to be our newest “family member” and have the highest regard for your service.

With deepest thanks and appreciation,
PW, Newtown PA

Dear Devon and Dana,

A belated but heartfelt thank you for the amazing work that you do. Your service, the wonderful people who are your service, and you, are beyond measure. Words cannot begin to express the comfort and care you brought to my mother’s last months, days and hours. None of us knew how short the timeline was – but you were so flexible, understanding and caring that I truly feel that together we were able to provide a fitting last act to the life of truly selfless person.

I don’t know where to start –

Jessica, choosing to be with us as time grew short. Her experienced guidance in how to care in ways that no one could have imagined. Her heartfelt appreciation of my mom – and the joy I know that she brought to my mom. Over the course of those last 72 hours and then the last hours – Frumi, Jessica, and I – along with my mom – shared prayer, angst and disbelief, and laughs – we sang, we prayed, and tried to share those final moments in the best way we could think possible. Jessica became part of our family that night and we cherish the fact that she was there with us.

Karen, who sensed a decline before anyone realized what was happening. A steady presence for many weeks, even in the course of her own loss. Her care for my mom day after day was a source of comfort for my mom and me. I counted on her for details of the day to know what was really happening.

All the other folks who stepped in for a few days (Annette), or a day or a shift – so caring and supportive.

And, of course, both of you, stepping in hands on as needed and providing steady reassurance and a confidence that became our own.

All that said, the greatest compliment I can give you is this – as Mom and I were finalizing arrangements for her trip home from the hospital she said – ” I know you did a lot of research (on home care providers), you made the right choice.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year.
NK, Yardley, PA


My husband had been diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease about 7 years ago. I retired to care for him in our home. When it got to the point that I couldn’t leave my husband alone, I called “A Way to Stay.” It was a very difficult decision to allow a stranger into our home to care for the love of my life, but from the first phone conversation, I was impressed. I cried through most of that call, while Dana was caring, calming and compassionate. She made me feel good about myself and promised to help my husband and me. Devon came out to talk to us and she is a clone of her sister. She spoke directly to my husband asking him about his likes and dislikes. She listened and understood our situation. She chose a lovely lady as a care manager for him based on similarities in their past. She took it upon herself to bring simple crafts some days to keep my husband engaged. She genuinely cared about him.

I am grateful to Dana and Devon for being there when my husband and I needed them. They are total professionals in their field and have become good friends.

CE, Yardley, PA


Dear Dana and Devon:

We, the members of the W….. Family, feel compelled to write and let you know what a wonderful experience we have had in dealing with A WAY TO STAY when our family was in need of guidance in the care of our 89 year old mom, who was beginning to have issues typical of anyone of her age.

Your thoughtful guidance and care from initial contact, to implementing and placement of a health care professional who assists in our mom’s daily needs from personal care, to minor medical needs, shopping, household organization, cooking and companionship were just a few of the many duties both needed, and assumed, that were provided by your professionals.  They are intuitive, smart and above all personable as you would wish when one is in your home on a daily basis and caring for a family member.

Sandra and Cynthia have become trusted members of our family and we can only say that without them, neither we nor mom would have made it through the past many months.  We hope that other persons in our situation have the fortune of happening upon A WAY TO STAY, and the professionals you employ, when entering the ‘abyss’ of senior care management. It has been more than we could have hoped for and we wish you and your staff continued blessings in the work you do for those in need of these services.  It is a time that we never think will come, but inevitable in this new world of ‘longevity’ for all of us.

If we could think of a way to travel into this unknown place, it would be with A WAY TO STAY along with us for the trip.

Continued success in your endeavors to assist those of us in need,
LV  Newtown, PA
On Behalf of the W….. Family


I want to thank you for everything you have done for my father and I. You have so much compassion for what you do. I’m so glad that I hired Mary Poppins! Once again, thank you for your support and sympathy. I am so glad my Dad was not alone (when he died).

Take care,
DV Levittown, PA


Dear Dana and Devon,

I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary help and support you provided. You did this not only for D… but for me as her primary caregiver.

Even though she was not totally onboard at the beginning, your exceptional staff and both of you made her feel comfortable and secure and the companionship provided made her feel like she was having a visit from a good friend every day. Susan, Beth, Martine, Cynthia and both of you treated her with such respect and dignity that I know she would say that you were her “angels.”

As her needs quickly increased you responded to those needs wonderfully even stepping in and sharing overnight duties so that I would not have to be there around the clock. While she was at home you took care of the household duties she couldn’t do without ever making her feel like she was burdening you. When she was in hospice you made sure that her every need was met that she had companionship when I couldn’t be there and made her final days comfortable.

You and your staff are to be commended for the exceptional job you do and I will not hesitate to recommend you and your services.

Warmest regards,
SH, Yardley, PA


A WAY TO STAY Independent certainly lives up to its name. When I first hired the agency, my mother was recuperating from knee replacement surgery and wanted to stay in her own home rather than in a nursing facility or with family members. It was to be a temporary job but a deep friendship has developed between my mother and the women who help care for her so the visits continue and my mother looks forward to them.  It’s a comfort for me to know that someone is making sure she gets her medications on time, eats her meals and is an extra pair of eyes and ears and will alert me if anything seems amiss. Their companionship is as valuable to my mother as being able to stay in her own home and our family is grateful for the sincere caring they have demonstrated.

JC, Doylestown, PA


Dear Devon & Dana,

We certainly can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help not only our Grandmom but M… F…..  and our whole family! It feels like you have become family and we love that Grandmom is getting the best of care every day!

DB Silver Springs, MD


Dear Devon,

C… and I want to thank you for the excellent care and help you gave C… during her recovery period after her hospital stay.  The care was very professional and the help and cooking could not have been better. Under your care C… progressed from barely walking with a walker to using a can and her whole outlook on her condition improved tremendously.

You were an outstanding help and wonderful companion. We would recommend your services to anyone in need of a caretaker.

C & MS, Yardley, PA


Dear Devon and Dana,

On behalf of my Mother, my brothers and sisters, I would like to thank you for the exceptional service you provided during my mother’s rehabilitation this past December.  Mother became fond of both Cynthia and Jessica and was very appreciative of the care and compassion they both showed her.

My brothers and sisters were extremely pleased with the service as well. It was very reassuring knowing that our mother was getting quality home care while we were at work.   In this day and age it has sadly become commonplace to not get what you were promised and paid for. This is not the case with your company! You went above and beyond my expectations!

Devon, from our first meeting to our last phone call everything that you told me was carried out meticulously. You truly did tailor our mother’s care to what we needed and we very much appreciate your personal attention to all of our concerns.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone that needs this type of care.

Thank you again!

DH, Morrisville, PA



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